Loyalty made possible

At Vetlocity, we love what we do because every day we’re helping animal health manufacturers and practices connect with pet owners—and the result is healthier pets.

The past 10 years have been a labor of love, helping brands and veterinarians build loyalty among their customers. When we started, there wasn’t a simple way to accomplish this. Everything was manual: collecting information, processing rebates and rewards, communicating with pet owners, supporting the program. So we built a better way.

Now, with Vetlocity’s products and solutions, brands and veterinarians are developing lasting relationships with their customers by making them feel appreciated and informed.

Leadership Team

Terry Edmondson

Director, Business Development

Terry is responsible for demonstrating the value of Vetlocity’s products and services to industry vendors and veterinary clinics, while developing approaches to help increase pet owner engagement. In his role, he also supports product development and marketing for the entire product portfolio. Terry has more than 15 years of animal health experience in sales and marketing with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Purchasing Services, Inc. and Pfizer Animal Health.

In addition to his roles in manufacturing, Terry is a managing partner of several pet resorts and animal hospitals across the southeast. He earned a master’s degree in business administration from Auburn University and a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration from The University of Alabama.

Doug Brown

President and CEO

Doug is the founder and chief executive of Vetlocity, and the visionary behind the first fully automated end-to-end loyalty solution designed to strengthen the bond between manufacturers, veterinarians, and those they serve. Known in the industry as a marketing innovator and animal health expert, Doug provides strategic leadership to the company, developing the team, the programs, the partnerships and the opportunities needed to help clients succeed.

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